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Over the past 2 years consultations have greatly changed and they have been working amazingly.  A huge benefit to a phone consultation is; there are way less time limitations on both ends and well as no travelling or gas costs for the clients. I have tried to keep my website as user friendly as possible, to make the planning process easier.  

On average phone consultation end up being half and hour to an hour.  After a phone consultation I will send a detailed email with pricing, photo references and everything we discussed.  You do not have to take notes during the consultation you can just focus on what you are looking for.

I offer no charge consultations on the phone as well as unlimited emails.

After we have had a phone consultation if you are still interested in having an in person consultation, a venue consultation can be booked.

A venue consultation is approx. 1 hour long depending on the services and details you would like to go over.  As well I will bring any samples that need to be seen in person as per your request.


Venue consultations are - $50.00 in advance.

If you book a min. of $500.00 worth of services or more then this fee is refunded on the contract.

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